Bobby Carlson was born in a hospital in the parking lot of Valley West Mall in Glendale, Arizona. The hospital became a morgue, and then just a parking lot. In fourth grade, Carlson saw Tommy Guerrero skate the streets of San Francisco in Bones Brigade II: Future Primitive and began skateboarding as soon as he could get his hands on a skateboard, which is how he met Isaac Ramos, who designed this fantastic website.

When Carlson was 18, he started playing in bands, and for some reason, has never stopped. He also likes movies. 

Current Musical Projects:


Albums, EPs, and split EPs

  • Ropes That Rescue self-titled three song cassette self released
  • On Seduction Live Like Lightning CD-R self released
  • Invisible City 10 Song CD-R self released
  • Ponies four song 7” Knifechase Records 
  • Ponies s/t CD Dogg and Pony Records
  • Baby Gecko / Soft Shoulder 7” Gilgongo Records
  • Babies CD-R w art zine self released
  • Feel Free / Treasure Mammal split 7” Kingdom Mammalia Records
  • Feel Free / Monster Pussy / Run On Sunshine 3 Way Cuddle Split 7” Bloat Records
  • Wanda Junes Factory Plaza cassette Chthonic Records
  • Wanda Junes Hi Fi Record Album CD Emotional Response Records
  • Karima Walker Take Your Time 10” / CD Diet Pop Records
  • Miss Lana Rebel & Kevin Michael Mayfield Midtown Island Sessions LP FPE Records
  • Hermanitos / White Lihte split 7” Baby Gasmask Records
  • Wanda Junes Kinship cassette Baby Tooth Records
  • Victorian Slang s/t CD-R Emotional Response Records
  • Victorian Slang By the Light of the Moon CD Emotional Response Records
  • Wanda Junes Today cassette Baby Tooth Records
  • Wanda Junes The Basement Apes CD-R Compact Disc Records
  • The Gem Show Meet Yourself CD Compact Disc Records
  • Wanda Junes Baby Prison EP digital self-released
  • The Exbats Kicks, Hits and Fits LP Midtown Island Records 
  • Wanda Junes When Day is Done digital self-released
  • The Gem Show Sippin’ Soda/Out in Space 7” Midtown Island Records
  • The Exbats “Coolsville USA” 7″ flexi Leisureworld Tapes
  • The Exbats Hercules/Xena 12″ EP self-released
  • Wanda Junes Pearly Gates Thunderbird digital EP self-released
  • Wanda Junes “Born to Love You” three song EP digital self-released 

Compilation Appearances

  • Final Modifest CD-r Modified 
  • Nail House Party LP Emotional Response Records
  • Fuckin Ziggurat CD Emotional Response Records
  • Hey, It’s Christmas CD Emotional Response Records
  • Merry Xmas Darling CD Emotional Response Records
  • The Amazing Singing Record LP Emotional Response Records
  • Our Invented Futures Vol. 1 CD Secret Society World Broadcast

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